Nurturing Lactation, LLC



Wendy McHale provides professional breastfeeding consultations in the convenience of your own home, over the phone, or in her office. Many appointments can be scheduled seven days a week and outside of regular office hours. All consultations are by appointment only. Please call for appointments and rates.

A typical consultation includes:

  • One on one counseling.
  • An observation of a complete breastfeeding session.
  • Working on positioning and latch as much as needed.
  • Visual and/or physical examination of mother and/or baby.
  • A brief medical and birth history.
  • Breastfeeding aids if necessary or if requested.
  • Exercises for baby when needed.
  • Written list of recommendations for mother to keep.
  • Complete documentation of visit for client's pediatrician.

Wendy McHale  BS, IBCLC

(513) 295-4101

Phone answered seven days a week when not in an appointment.